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Sheikh al Shuyukh attar is a very elegant and special scent as according to its name, Sheikh u Shuyukh has been used by Arab’s Sheikh from far years ago.

The top note offers a bright and clear opening of citrus notes, lemongrass and cedar.
Lavender, rosemary and sage in the heart note soften the freshness slightly and add light spiciness.
Musk, Oudh and patchouli form the conclusion in the base.
A beautiful men's fragrance, particularly striking with its strong opening. The perfume is very suitable for every occasion.

Main accords: citrus, woody, herbal, fresh, spicy

Sheikh al Shuyukh attar/perfume used in the classical era by our owner able Islamic scholars, the fragrance of Sheikh al Shuyukh make them more adorable and honorable.
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