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EMFIL Noir Mafia EDP - For Men

EMFIL Noir Mafia EDP - For Men

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Noir Mafia EDP

Is known for its rich, intense, and dark aroma that captivates and intrigues fragrance enthusiasts.

The perfume's composition revolves around notes that aim to evoke the idea of, smoky incense, and various other elements associated with the Middle East and Central Asia.

it's often described as having a deep, resinous, and woody character with smoky and earthy undertones. Some people detect hints of oud, leather, and dark woods, which combine to create a complex and intoxicating scent.

Due to its bold and intense nature, it's known for its longevity and sillage (the trail the perfume leaves behind). Its dark and captivating aura has made it a favorite among those who appreciate niche and avant-garde fragrances.


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