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Black Oud Attar (Made in KSA) : An attar which will make every head turn.
Black oud attar is for the events and occasions where you want to make a strong  statement fill the room with an exceptional aura.
The exotic blend of floral notes infused with earthy natural overtones creates a classic fragrance that is ideal for your special occasions

The very strange interplay of oud, patchouli and citrus opens up the mysterious sound of Black Oud.

Mystic, deep and bewitching, this is oud oil which, in conjunction with herbal earthen patchouli, reigns in a fragrant concert with sweetly delicious tangerines and playing with the depths that the rare, agaric trees show in full force.

Oud combines with her Majesty, the Queen - the rose of Taif, whose refinement and charm represent the softness of velvet, the tenderness of embrace, and the unique beauty. Roses seem to lighten the weight of oud oil with a light veil and gently let in a few fresh musks of musk, which at the end show only a fleeting hint, and let the agar wood dominate throughout its transformations.

   Apply as Sunnah of Nabi (S.A.W) , You ll be Rewarded!

  • Type : Arabic Perfume Oil.
  • Lasting Guaranteed.
  • Also Best For Gifts to Your Loved Ones.! | Gift Packing Available.!
  • Guaranteed Lasting (7 to 8) Hours in These Summers
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